Nowadays, a website is the most important business card of a company on the Internet, which means that most people use it as the first decision to start further cooperation or to use the services. A well-built website is like an employee who constantly promotes the company’s products and services and directs potential customers to leave their contact details. To attract customers, your company should stand out. When you order a website from us, you will be proud to provide your website address.

strony internetowe profcode
strony internetowe profcode

Strony internetowe od Profcode  to usługa dedykowana dla firm oraz osób prywatnych, które chcą zwiększyć rozpoznawalność swojej marki w sieci oraz zamierzają pozyskiwać nowych Klientów. Największą popularnością  cieszą się strony firmowe spełniające funkcję wizytówki internetowej, zawierające ofertę firmy, informację o usługach lub produktach.

We create both small company websites, containing several subpages, and more extensive websites, e.g. containing an extensive catalog of services or products.


  • Content management system
    Content management system

    CMS administration panel for easy management of subpages

  • Responsive websites
    Responsive websites

    Our websites display correctly on computers, tablets and smartphones.

  • Optimization

    We know what rules a website must meet to be on the TOP, so you have a greater chance of achieving high positions.

  • Technical care and administration of the website
    Technical care and administration of the website

    We provide full technical support for the websites we create. We never leave a client with a problem.


Do you want to be present on the Internet? Contact us.
Tell us about your business, services and expectations, and we will prepare an offer for you.

How much does a website cost?

There is no clear answer to this question…

The most popular today are websites created in the WordPress environment, which already constitutes over 40% of the market of currently created websites. This is certainly influenced by an extensive CMS (content management system), implementation time and a large community. The intuitive CMS interface makes the operation, management and subsequent introduction of new content on the website really easy, even for someone who has no programming knowledge.

WordPress is a good choice for both a professional website, a business card website and a company website.

Therefore, when ordering a website, it is difficult to get a quick answer, because each website has a different graphic form, degree of expansion, functionality and technology used to build the website. The term “simple website” is too general and means something completely different for each client.

Write, call and you will get a free website quote by answering a few questions. Our offer does not include a rigid price list and we approach each inquiry individually.

How does cooperation with PROFCODE work?

Project overview
Preparing a website design
Creating a pages
Your website on the server. Your success!

1. Inquiry:

Call us, write an email to or use the form on the contact page. We will come back with an answer.

2. Project overview:

We discuss the assumptions of the project and what the website should be about. This is where we determine the functionality and how large the website should be (how many tabs it should have, in how many language versions). Example links to websites that you like and match the style and capabilities that you want to implement on your website are very helpful. The industry doesn’t matter! All this information is necessary for the correct valuation of the website.

3. Preparing the website design:

After accepting the project cost and signing the contract, we purchase the domain and hosting. If you already have it, great! All you need is your login details and during this time we will collect all the materials for the website. We finalize the website design and colors and, after approval, we start the project.

4. Creating a website:

You’re off, we’re working. We are in constant contact and show the progress of implementation work.

5. Website on the server

No worries. Your website is hosted by us on your server and you are its full owner. You get all logins and passwords.

Think about whether you feel able to maintain your website yourself. However, if you prefer to focus on your business and do not want to worry about your website, updates and backups, you can use our website care service.

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